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HCDC’s mission is to assist the communities of El Barrio/East Harlem, Central Harlem, West Harlem, and Washington Heights strengthen and improve local socioeconomics, cultural and small business development, housing conditions, tourism and other strategic initiatives that attract human and capital investment.

The Community Development department provides information, technical and financial assistance and skills training to community-based organizations and individuals seeking to create independent projects and initiatives which support further investment in upper Manhattan neighborhoods. Through various public and private partnerships, the department engages in the formulation of strategy, participates in project development from conception through completion, strengthens workforce development, and holds various workshops and seminars with area home mortgage lenders focusing on credit, loan products, and money management.

The department also oversees HCDC’s branding and marketing efforts, and assists area not-for-profits in their efforts to enhance the overall visibility and promotion of various initiatives being created within upper Manhattan.

Home Buyer & Financial Literacy Assistance

HCDC is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency. The department partners with area financial institutions and provides the following services:

    • one-on-one counseling for first-time home buyers
    • mortgage modification assistance
    • foreclosure prevention assistance
    • home buyer and financial literacy workshops and seminars

For more detailed information on home buying and financial literacy, please download the PDFs below:

Overall, the community development department’s goals are to create ongoing partnerships with area stakeholders and provide opportunities for local residents and entrepreneurs to participate in the expanding socioeconomic, housing, cultural, tourism, land use and other initiatives taking place throughout Upper Manhattan.